Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hold up

Shitz been happening to my act
So update on solo stuff is gona be held bac a bit
Tryin to upload old stuff I still haven't gotten the chance to upload yet

But ya ... Ill try to get things on a move
Braindwen is chopping thru old content quickly thou
Dunno if i can keep up ~.~

1 comment:

  1. Hey williee, great stuff here! As you might've seen, I'm writing a series on feral soloing for WoW Insider. I'll be covering TK next week; got a written strat on the KT fight I could share? (I can never get all 4 advisors down in time, but I don't have the greatest gear at the moment.) I'll credit you in the column.

    If it goes another week, I might ask you again for tips for L80 bosses as well.

    Anyway, hit me back at or