Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hold up

Shitz been happening to my act
So update on solo stuff is gona be held bac a bit
Tryin to upload old stuff I still haven't gotten the chance to upload yet

But ya ... Ill try to get things on a move
Braindwen is chopping thru old content quickly thou
Dunno if i can keep up ~.~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ICC 10m (2/12)

"A couple of important points on the spec:
I picked up predatory strikes for the instant heals, they're a huge help in healing through the shadow bolts. Be sure you still have points in furor, since you're shifting out and back into cat a lot, and you need that energy. I had 2 points, I would have loved to have 3. Brutal impact is a must, pers. is great (but sadly, i only had enough points for 1/3). If we had infinite talent points, Primal madness would have been awesome too. Sadly, I didn't have enough to put any there. Here's my spec: ""
I switched GoBerserk for GoTF. Berserk is mostly used for bursting down a wave quickly, so the extra duration doesn't help too much, while the shorter TF cd allows you to safely use it in between add waves without worrying whether it'll be up in time.

Gearwise, the only necessity is APS. The agility use is HUGE for bursting down add waves, and is up for every single one. Use it. Abuse it.

All 1 minute cds are ready for every add spawn, so use them. This includes barkskin and APS.
So on to the fight: pre-hot (like always) and jump onto DW. Ideally you'd pre-pot, but I only had 1 left so i saved it . mangle/rake/mangle/rip (regardless of CP) and move on, you have very limited time here. Activate APS while moving to the adds, then shift to bear, enrage/berserk and cleave em down. Switch back to the boss, dps her until APS is about to be off cd, then head to the other side.
When berserk isn't active for a wave, you need to stay in cat form. Pool energy prior to the spawn so you have 100 when they come. Activate APS when it's ready, and once they're bunched up, swipe til OOE, TF, and swipe some more. If you get the curse, ignore it for the time being, the adds should be low enough to finish off in 1 more swipe, and possibly a mangle to cleanup the last one. Then decurse before dpsing the boss again.
You should be able to repeat this endlessly, using bear berserk for every 3rd wave and kitty swipe in between. The goal is to kill the adds quickly enough that they never transform. If they do happen to transform though, here's how to deal with them.

Reanimated Fanatic: Kill the fanatic before he finishes his dark martyrdom. If he should finish his cast, yell your expletive of choice and give up. Unless you're just about to start p2, and even if you are, it's very unlikely you'll win. You can't damage it, your only choice is to root it, and nature's grasp isn't perfectly reliable. Meanwhile, one of these plus deathwhisper will kill you fast.

Deformed Fanatic: Pop SI and try to kill it before its buff comes up. If it gets its buff, you can either finish killing it (I only recommend this if SI is up) or kite it til the buff fades. These will wreck your health and ruin your dps, so try not to let them appear very often.

Reanimated Adherent: mostly annoying because they spawn later on, meaning you have to stay off deathwhisper for a while to kill them. Otherwise, they're just like a normal adherent that doesn't take much damage from your 2pc. Kill it.

Empowered Adherent: lolworthy. Just kill it, it's only annoying cause it heals 'em to full health. Bonus points if you kill it before it shields itself!

On to phase 2: I needed about 3.5 minutes for this part, which included a cat form berserk with SI. Shoot for ending p1 in 6 minutes and you should be good.
Frostbolts come at a 10 second interval, so you can skullbash every single one. Do so.
She'll slowly whittle you down in melee (or at least, she did to me), so try and have at least some health going into this phase. When frenzied regen is ready, wait for a frostbolt cast, interrupt, and use it. Done right, 1 FR is basically a full health bar, and should be enough to last the entire phase.
When SI and berserk are both ready, combine them with your second potion for a fun berserk in cat form (only if you're at high health). the last 800k of her health just melted away."
-Braindwen (mmo-champion name)
This mini guide is all him Ty

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Videos are being uploaded as I type this. Malyagos solo accomplished! But apparently the video guide is fairly large... so it will take awhile to get onto the internet

Sunday, September 4, 2011

An update

Changed the layout a bit and refined some of the information about what I have and haven't soloed. My internet is really slow when it comes to uploading but I have  20+ videos I want to upload .
Hmm... quick overview of new things I soloed

Naxx 10m
Patchwerk - something that took me some time and work to finally get down. Either I die to no cds and hp hits 0 or to the enrage timer. Sucks >.< but I finally killed him.
Four Horsemen - took some planning and watching  similar videos of op dks soloing it. Changed up my strategy a few times before I finally got it.

Did other fights other ferals have gotten or claimed they have soloed
Savana Ragefire in Ruby Sanctum proved to be hard hitting but her constant air phase allowed breathing room to heal. Besides claiming that you can solo it, it isn't worth the ~60 gold for ~10-15 minutes just to solo her lol.

Got Emalon the Storm Watcher as well.
I really do wish I had better upload speed... sigh
Uploading as I edit and post this

In progress
Eoe- Malyagos 10m
Very challenaging fight and I cannot wait until I solo it. Closest Ive came was Maly berserking at ~7-8% hp w/ 22+ stacks of the drake's debuff. Basically, I cannot screw up any sparks and have to make sure I abuse every double stacked sparks to push 50% as much as I can. Phase 2 proved to be way harder then I thought because all those arcane barrages by the casters do hurt.

Twin Emperors- I tried out the strategy Mionelol used where you wait out the enrage timer to hope that hte damage builds your vengence high enough to out dps their heal. I lived through enrage timer and more but my vengence doesn't build past 5k. Even with berserk (feral ability) up, I barely budged the boss health. Not sure how else I can do it but if I am determined enough, I am thinking about using double agility trinket and using cat form more. Make sure I keep rake and rip up and hope that provides enough damage. As of now, seems like we are limited on things we can solo still :(

Also, if you guys have any ideas or suggestion, please feel free to post.
I would definitely enjoy feedback.