Friday, August 26, 2011

Mount Hyjal 5/5

Yay downed Mt. Hyjal

Also got Nax 10m Spider Wing  !!!

Trying to think of the best gear setup to maximize survivability while I maintain dmg. Im thinking about maximizing mastery so I can build up savage defense shields as well as increased bleed dmg when i cat form. Thinking about the mastery trinket off fireland vendors, petrified ancient seed and the Beth trinket, silk spindle something. Both having mastery while procs that can help me live and dps harder. I really want the Beth trinket because I can manage to survive sub 30% a lot especially with a 15k+ bubble that can proc every minute.


  1. Any tips on soloing Hyjal, especially rage winterchill? Tried it last week and it didn't go so well. Trash waves were mindless, tried to let the NPC's tank the boss but barely any dps pulled aggro and rage just eventually froze/D&D'd me to death rather quickly.

  2. I will make vids on it this week hopefully, but make sure you have ur defensive cds for his dnd + block. You can dash/stampding roar out of frost novas. For the dnds, you can see him casting that ability, so make sure your running so even if he blocks you, you'll be somewhat at the edge of the dnd. You should use the npcs to help dps, not tank. They will die fairly quick to the dnd anywayz.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I guess my passive approach was my downfall. Ill give another go this weekend.

  4. Yup ... usually against casters try being aggressive cat... since they dont rlly melee

  5. finally drug my butt back in there and killed it after a few tries. The rest of the instance is almost comically easy compared to rage winterchill, although the trash waves are mind numblingly boring.